Viewing a Sales Invoice

Viewing the Invoice

To view an invoice, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Invoices”.
  3. Click on the invoice you want to display.
  4. The screen will display the invoice template with a set of control tools and various actions.
  • Invoice Status: You can manually change the invoice status in addition to the basic statuses by clicking on “Select Status”. You can also adjust the status list by clicking on Edit Invoice Statuses List.
  • Email to Client: The invoice is sent to the client via email.
    • Note: This button changes to “Print Invoice” depending on the invoicing method selected during the invoice creation step.
  • Edit: Edit the invoice data.
  • Print: Print the invoice.
  • PDF: Download the invoice in a PDF file format.
  • Add Payment: Add payments to the invoice.
  • Vouchers: A list that contains a set of stickers for various purposes, and their data is derived from the invoice data.
    • Note: Additional vouchers can be added by setting one of the invoice templates into a voucher. For more information, refer to the Set an Invoice Template to a Voucher guide.
  • Send SMS: Send the invoice and its data in a text message.
  • Assign Cost Centers: Assign a sub-cost center to the invoice.
  • More Options: Include a range of other actions such as (adding notes, cloning, scheduling appointments, creating a refund receipt, and more).
  • Operations Windows: A set of display tabs for the operations performed on the invoice:
    • Invoice: Displays the printed form of the invoice.
    • Details: Shows the values of the custom fields added inside the invoice.
    • Appointments: Shows the appointments recorded for the invoice.
    • Payments: Displays a list of payments for the invoice.
    • Requisitions: Displays the product transactions for the invoice.
      • Note: This window only appears when “Requisitions for Sales & Purchase Invoices” is enabled. For more information, refer to theManaging Requisitionsguide.
  • Activity Log: Shows all the transactions performed on the invoice, including the date and time of each transaction.