Adding a Loyalty Rule

What are Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points are credits that are added to clients in return for their purchases made through you. These points are equivalent to the cash value of their purchases, and each time they earn a certain number of points, they can redeem them as a discount on the total amount due in their future purchases. The goal of a loyalty program is to maintain a long-term relationship with your clients.


The loyalty rule is the way you control the conversion rate of points to a specific amount of money spent by the client on your products. It also sets the minimum amount of money required to be spent in a single purchase by the client to activate the loyalty rule.

Steps to add a Loyalty Rule

Note: Make sure to activate the Clients Loyalty Points app from your apps manager.

  1. From the main menu, click on “Loyalty Points”.
  2. Choose “Loyalty Rules”.
  3. Click the “Add Loyalty Rule” button at the top right of the screen.
  4. Enter the loyalty rule details:
    • Name: Add a name for the loyalty rule.
    • Status: Select the status of the loyalty rule, either “Active” or “Inactive” from the dropdown menu.
    • Priority: Enter a number to indicate the priority of this loyalty rule compared to other loyalty rules you have added or will add later. The higher the number, the higher the priority.

      • For example: a loyalty rule with priority 2 will precede a loyalty rule with priority 1.
    • Client Category: Select the client category eligible for this loyalty rule.

    • Collection Factor: Set the monetary amount in the local currency equivalent to one loyalty point earned by the client during a purchase.

      • For example: if the collection factor is set as 10 currency units = 1 point, the client will earn one point for every ten units they spend, provided they reach or exceed the minimum spending limit.
    • Minimum Total Spent: The minimum amount of money the client needs to spend to activate the loyalty rule on their invoice.

      • For example: if the minimum total spent limit is set as 500 currency units and a client makes a purchase worth 250 units, they will not earn loyalty points.
      • Note: The minimum total spent limit is optional. If you do not wish to set a minimum limit for the loyalty rule to take effect, leave the field blank.
    • Expire After: The duration during which the earned loyalty points can be used before they expire.
    • Note: By default, if no expiry date is set for loyalty rules, they will remain valid indefinitely.
  5. Click the “Save” button at the top of the page.