Steps to Activate the Point of Sale App Without Internet from Daftra

In case your devices are not connected to the internet, and you wish to continue your sales operations and issue electronic invoices, you can use the desktop application from Daftra. This application generates regular invoices and functions as a quick POS system. In this tutorial, we’ll provide you with the steps to download and activate the offline sales software from Daftra.

  1. Click on “POS Settings” in the dropdown menu under the “POS” application on the main menu.
  2. Select the “Desktop Application” card.

Click on “Download the Windows Program” to start the download process.

After downloading, you will find the program in the files you downloaded to your device. Click on the icon labeled “Daftra Desktop POS.”

After clicking on the desktop application icon, click on “Run anyway.”

Note: If the “Run anyway” button does not display on the pop-up screen, click “More Info” in the top left.


Complete the installation process as usual by clicking “Next.”

Until you reach the final screen, then click “Finish.”

Opening the POS Program Without Internet Access

After installation, you will find the application on your desktop or in the Start menu. Click on it to open, and it will direct you to a web browser. Enter your email associated with your Daftra account or the account link.

Then enter the email and password associated with your Daftra account to link the desktop application to your account.

The program will download a copy of your customer and product data for offline use.

Adjust the general settings for the desktop application:

1. The name of the POS device is automatically defined, but you can change it if desired.
2. Choose the language of the program for the seller to use with the device.
3. Select the warehouse from which you want to issue sold products.
4. Choose the branch where you want to activate the desktop application without an internet connection.

You will be directed to enter the desktop application, and from here, you can work without an internet connection. Enter your email and password.

Opening the POS Screen

After logging in, you will find a simple point of sale screen. Click on “Start Sale” to initiate the sales process.

To find the standard point of sale screen without an internet connection, select the products.

And click on the payment process, enter the amount paid, and confirm the process. If you wish, you can print the payment receipt.

Syncing Invoices for Cloud Storage

After returning to the main screen of the desktop application and reviewing your invoices, you need to transfer them to your cloud system in Daftra to adjust the records and document the sales transactions. You can do this by clicking the ‘Sync‘ button.

There are two ways to synchronize:

  1. Separate Invoices: Choosing to sync separate invoices means that the sales operations won’t be considered within a ‘sales session,’ but you will find individual invoices in the system.”

You will find the invoices if you click on “Manage Invoices” in the “Sales” dropdown menu on the main menu of Daftra Cloud when you are connected to the internet.

If you choose to sync using the session system, you will find a “Sales Session” automatically opened in the cloud system for you, even if there is already an open session in the online cloud system.

You’ll find them by clicking on “Sessions” under “POS” in the main menu.

Click on a session to view the details of the synchronized session.

Inside the session, you will see all the invoices that were paid using the offline desktop application, as well as the financial transactions and all related activities.

If you want to add new products or update data that needs to be synchronized with the offline desktop application, click on “Update Local Version” from the main screen of the desktop application to transfer this data from the cloud system to the offline application.