Adding a Payment to an Invoice through the Sales Screen

Note: To add a payment to a sales invoice from the POS within the same session, it is essential to ensure that the session is open or reopen it if it’s closed, so you can make the addition.

Steps for Adding a Payment through the Sales Screen


  • Click on “POS” from the main menu.
  • Click on “Sessions
  • View the session to which the invoice you want to add a payment belongs.
    • If the session is closed, make sure to close any other sessions and open the desired one.
  • Inside the session, click on “Sales Screen.”
  • Within the sales screen:
    • Choose “Search for Invoice” instead of “Search for Product” from the search box.
    • Enter the invoice number for which you want to add a payment in the search field.
    • Click the “Search” icon.
    • After the invoice appears, click on “Add Payment.”
    • Click on “Payment” at the bottom of the menu on the right.
    • Enter the payment amount.
    • Click “Confirm.”