The system does not accept adding more invoices?

When a message appears indicating “Please request additional or contact us to add more invoices and quotations,” it means that you have reached the available number for the use of invoices and quotations in your subscription for the month.


So please be aware that each package available through the program provides a specific number of invoices and quotations, including “returned invoices and credit notes.” In the case of an error preventing you from adding more invoices or quotations, it means that you have already consumed the available number for the month in the subscribed package.

Example: If you are subscribed to the basic package, and this package allows for 100 invoices and quotations per month, “for example,”

once you have used up this number by issuing 100 invoices and quotations during the month, you will not be able to add more until you upgrade your package or when the new month begins.

Please note that the count of invoices is monthly, starting from the first day of the month and not from the subscription start date.


To monitor your usage and access information about your package, please follow these steps:

  • Click on “Settings” from the main menu.
  • Click on “Account Information.”
  • You will find the “Plan Consumption” field, where you can see the number of available invoices and the number used.
  • Additionally, you can also check your usage for “Clients,” “Warehouses Count,” “Treasuries & Banks,” and “Extra users and Branches” on the same page.


You can also check the pricing plans, which provide explanations for each package, their features, and the allowed number of invoices you can use through the following link: Pricing Plans.