Sending Text Messages for Invoices

Daftra software enables you to send text messages from within the program, serving as a notification for issuing an invoice, appointment, or other information to your client.

  • Notes:
    • SMS application must be enabled from the Apps Manager. For more details, refer to theEnabling SMS App guide.
    • The account must be integrated with a text messaging service provider. For more details, refer to the SMS Service Provider Settings guide.

1. Creating the SMS Template:

  1. Click on “Templates” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “SMS Templates”.
  3. Click on the “New SMS Template” button.
  4. Select the type of template to be sent to the client, such as (Paid Invoice, Unpaid Invoice, Refund Receipt, etc.).
  5. Add a title to the template.
  6. Write the desired message text using “Placeholders” for various variables like (client business name, invoice total, view invoice link, etc.).

    • Note: The list of allowed placeholders may vary depending on the template type selected in step 4.
  7. Click on the “Save” button.

2. Sending the Invoice via SMS

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Invoice”.
  3. Click to view the invoice that needs to be sent to the client.

    • Note: The client’s profile must have a contact number. For more details, refer to the Adding a New Client guide.
  4. Click on the “Send SMS” button at the top of the invoice display window.

    • Note: The “Send SMS” button may not appear if there is no suitable SMS template for the nature of the invoice. (For example, if the SMS template is set as “Paid Invoice” the button will not appear for “Unpaid Invoices”)
  5. The system displays the page for configuring the SMS message before sending.
  6. Select one of the saved SMS message templates on the top right of the screen.

    • You can adjust or modify the contact number displayed in the “To” field.
    • You can make modifications to the message template and use the “Placeholders” menu.
  7. Add the “View Link” to the message text from the “Placeholders” menu to send the invoice to the client.
  8. Click on the “Send” button once you are done.