Completing Data for an Unsaved Invoice

Daftra allows you to recover data from a sales invoice that hasn’t been previously saved. Several factors, such as internet interruptions or power outages, can lead to this issue.


  1. To complete the invoice data, you must enter multiple products within the invoice screen for the program to save and recover the data.
  2. This feature is available for sales invoices, estimates, returned invoices, and credit notes.

Steps to Recover Unsaved Sales Invoice Data

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Invoice.”
  3. Click on the “Non-Completed (5)” button at the top right of the invoice list window.
  4. You will see several options for control, which are:
  • Complete“: This option will direct you to the page to create a sales invoice, complete the invoice details and approve it.
  •  “Delete“: This option allows you to delete invoice data that was entered previously and not saved.


  • View the “Manage Invoice” page from the Sales menu, then click on “Non-Completed ()”


  • A new screen will appear showing the invoices for which data was previously entered but not saved.

  • Click “Delete” if you want to delete the data for this invoice.

  • Click the “Add” button to be directed to the invoice creation page where you can continue entering the required invoice data.

  • Complete the invoice data and then save it so that it will affect your account normally.