Invoice Adjustment

An adjustment is a small discount or an additional charge on an invoice that is not routed to any specific account by default.

The purpose of an adjustment is to balance the fractions on the invoice. For example, if the invoice total is (10.15), you can add an adjustment of (-0.15) to make the net amount due (10) only, which makes the sales process easier.

  • Note that a positive adjustment means an increase in the amount paid by that positive amount, and a negative adjustment means a discount in favor of the client.
  • The system allows you to set the adjustment account routing. You can refer to the Sales Account Routingguide to set the adjustment account on the invoice.

Invoice Adjustment:

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Create Invoice”.
  3. Enter the invoice data as required.

  4. Click on the “Discount & Adjustment” tab below the item table in the invoice.
  5. Enter the amount you want to adjust in the adjustment field.
    • If you want to make a discount on the invoice total, enter the value after adding the negative sign (-) in the adjustment field.