Adding a Tax to the Invoice

Daftra software sets the VAT (Value Added Tax) in the account by default, and the tax percentage is applied in the software according to the specified rate in each country.

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Create Invoice”.
  3. Select the required client and add the items to the invoice table. For more details, refer to the Creating a Sales Invoice guide.
  4. Click the arrow down inside the “Tax” field in the invoice table.
  5. Select the required tax from the dropdown menu or click on “Tax Settings” to modify the tax list in the account. For more details, refer to theTax Settingsguide.
    • Note: If the item in the invoice has already been assigned a tax when added to the products or services in the account, the tax will appear automatically in the invoice table. For more details, refer to the Adding a Product/Serviceguide.


  • The tax is automatically calculated for each item in the invoice, and the total tax amount is shown clearly before calculating the total invoice amount.