Proper handling for creating more than one return for the same invoice

Sometimes, more than one return invoice (refund receipt) may be created for the same sales invoice, which affects the inventory on one hand and sales accounts, clients, and taxes on the other hand.

As is known, it is not possible to modify or delete sales invoices/refund receipts according to the instructions of the Zakat and Income Authority.

This matter can be properly addressed by following these steps:

1- Accounting treatment for sales returns, clients, and tax accounts

  • Create a reverse entry for the entry related to the repeated return invoice (refund receipt) by viewing the problematic refund receipt and then reviewing its journal entry
  • After viewing the journal entry, click on clone and then on Reverse Journal Entry
  • Then save the entry as it is without making any modifications

2- Handling the “added” returned quantity to the inventory due to the repeated return

  • – You can delete the inventory requisition resulting from the refund receipt, and thus it will not affect the inventory and its status will become “under delivery”.
  • – Or create a “manual outbound” requisition to return the quantity that was added due to the repeated return
  • Through: Inventory > Managing Requisitions > Add < Manual Outbound