Invoice Item Table

  1. Click on “Sales” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Create Invoice”.
  3. Select the invoicing “Method” and choose the required “Client”.
  4. Start adding items to the invoice table:
  • Item: Choose the product or service registered in the account, with the possibility of searching by name, code, or barcode.

Note: You can click on the “Add New Product” button below the list to quickly add a new product or service. For more details, you can refer to the Adding a Product/Serviceguide.

  • Description: A statement that explains the nature of the item listed in the invoice.
  • Unit Price: The selling price of the item listed in the invoice.
  • Quantity: Specify the quantity sold of the item.
  • Item level discount: You can add a discount on a specific item of the invoice without the others, noting that this option does not appear until it is activated from the Sales Invoice settings.

Note: When adding a discount at the item level, the discount is applied to the entire quantity of the product.
For example: If the product price is 100 SAR and the quantity is 10, then the total will be 100*10 = 1000 SAR.
If a discount of 20 SAR is added to the item, then the total discount value will be
20*10 = 200 SAR.
The net value after the discount will be
1000-200 = 800 SAR.

  • Tax: Select a tax to be added to the value of the item listed in the invoice. The tax name and percentage can also be modified by clicking on the “Tax Settings” button.

Note: The program supports “VAT” by default on the account. The tax is applied at the specified rate according to the nationality or country set on the account. For more details, refer to theAdding Tax to an Invoiceguide.

  • Subtotal: The subtotal is automatically calculated for each item in the invoice, and the value is before the selected tax is added.


  • All values in the invoice table are automatically filled when selecting the product/service, according to the values saved in the product/service file registered in the account, with the possibility of modification within the invoice.
  • The software allows modifications in the invoice table by adding new columns or changing the label names. For more details, refer to the Invoice/ Estimate Layouts guide.