Tracking Consumed Client Loyalty Points

What does Client Consumed Loyalty Points mean?

It is a list that displays the number of loyalty points consumed by each client on each invoice, along with the consumption date.

Tracking Clientss Consumed Loyalty Points

  1. Click on “Points and Credits” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Credit Charges”.
  3. Control how the list of consumed loyalty points by your clients is displayed, including the points due to the client on each invoice, through the available search settings.
    • You can control the search settings responsible for displaying the consumed loyalty points as follows:

      • Client: You can view consumed loyalty points for a specific client by searching for their name or ID number (Client Code).
      • Credit Type: It allows you to view the nature of the credit consumed from the client’s account, whether it’s a monetary amount from credit charging or loyalty points.
      • Loyalty Points Consumption Date: If you want to review consumed loyalty points for clients within a specific period.
    • Click on the loyalty points consumption transaction you want to view for more details.
    • Note: You can easily review consumed loyalty points for a client by clicking on the “Credit Summary” field in the client’s profile.