Adding an Item with a Unit Template to the Invoice

The POS app in Daftra can generate invoices for products that work with unit templates. This means that the options for product units of measurement will appear on the sales screen, and the final price of the product will be determined in the invoice window based on the selected unit of measurement.

  • For more details on unit templates and how to assign them to products, please refer to the explanatory guide [“Unit Templates“].

Selecting a Product with Unit of Measurement in the Sales Screen

  1. From the main menu, click on “POS”.
  2. Choose “Start Selling” from the menu to open a new sales session or directly proceed to an open sales session.
  3. In the sales screen, select one of the products that has a unit template assigned to it.

    • Note: If no default client is specified, the system will prompt you to select a client first.
  4. Select the desired unit of measurement for the product.

    • Note: The item price in the invoice window will change with the change in the unit of measurement, according to the specified conversion ratio for each unit relative to the main product unit. For more details, refer to the explanatory guide [“Adding a Unit Template“].
  5. Proceed with the remaining steps to confirm and pay the invoice.