Adding an Insurance Agent

Begin by adding the insurance agents you are contracted with, specify the insurance categories and classes for each agent, and link the clients with the insurance agents and classes. Also, assign the percentage of copayment for both the agent and the client for automatic invoice processing by the system.

  1. From the main menu, click on “Insurance Agents“.
  2. Click on “Add Insurance Agent“.
  3. Click on the button “Add Insurance Agent“.
  4. Enter the new insurance agent’s details as follows:
    • Name: Write the name of the insurance agent you want to add.
    • Telephone: Enter the insurance agent’s phone number.
    • Website: Enter the agent’s website.
    • Image: Insert the logo of the insurance agent by clicking on the “Choose File” button and selecting the required image.
    • Email: Write the agent’s email address.
    • Status: Choose from the drop-down menu whether the insurance agent is Active or Inactive.
  5. Click on “Save & Continue“.
  • The system will display a message confirming the successful addition of the insurance agent, and a screen for adding an “Insurance Class” will appear. You can add an insurance class specific to this agent or skip this step and add the class later. For more details, please refer to the guide on Adding an Insurance Class.