Managing Requisitions

Requisitions List

  1. Click on “Inventory” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Requisitions”.
  3. The system displays a list of “Requisitions” created in the account:
    • You can click on the select box at the top of the page to select requisitions across the page and choose from:
      • All (Current Page): Select all requisitions on the current page.
      • All Filtered (All Pages): Select all requisitions across all pages.
    • Browse the “Actions” list to apply a set of quick actions to the selected stock permissions in the list:
      • Delete: Delete the selected requisition in the list.
      • Accept: All requisitions with the status “Under Delivery” will be confirmed.
      • Create a Order: Create a sales or purchase invoice for the manually added requisitions in the list.
        • Note: The selected stock permissions in the list should either all be addition permissions or withdrawal permissions.
      • Print PDF: The requisition printout is downloaded as a PDF file on the operating platform.
    • Click the “Add” button to start creating manual stock movements, whether by “Adding”, “Withdrawing”, or “Transferring”. For more details, you can refer to the guide “Manual Inventory Movements”.
    • Use search tools to quickly access the desired requisition.
    • Click the “Advanced Search” button for more professional search and filtering tools.