Adding a New Warehouse

  1. Click on “Inventory” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Warehouses”.
  3. Click on the “New Warehouse” button.
  4. Fill in the new warehouse details:
    • Name: The warehouse’s name as it appears in account lists and reports.
    • Shipping Address: The warehouse’s address.
    • Status: To activate or deactivate the warehouse within the account.
    • Primary: To set this warehouse as the primary warehouse for the account.
      • Note: The primary warehouse is automatically selected for any transactions related to inventory.
  • Permissions: The display and selection permissions of the warehouse can be set using a set of options:
    • View: Set permissions to display the warehouse in lists.
    • Create Invoices: Permission to select the warehouse within invoices.
    • Update Stock: Permission to select the warehouse when creating manual inventory transactions.
  • For more details on inventory and warehouse permissions, refer to the guide: Default Warehouse for Employees

Note: Upon saving, a sub-account for the warehouse will be added within the Chart of Accounts, categorized in the chart as:

Assets > Current Assets > Inventory.