How to update the Selling and Purchase Prices of Items through Excel

Updating the selling or buying price, or both together, is a procedure that any commercial activity needs frequently. Therefore, Daftra provides you with simpler methods to update the selling and buying price for one or more products together in an easy and fast way.

Updating the Selling or Purchase Price in the Regular Way

You can update the selling or buying field for each product individually in the regular way. Click on “Products & Services” from the “Inventory” dropdown in the main menu, then click on the dots next to the product you wish to update, and press “Edit”.

Change the selling or buying price, or both, or adjust the profit margin percentage, then press the “Update” button.

You can change the selling price by altering the profit margin for one or multiple products together, as explained here.

Updating the Selling and Purchase Price through Excel

Create a copy of your product data Excel file, adjust the selling and purchasing prices as desired, then save the file.

Click on “Products and Services” which is under “Inventory” in the main menu.

Then click on “Import”.

Upload the new Excel file containing the updated selling and purchasing prices, select “Semicolon Separated” and click on the “Next Step” button.

Match the data in the Excel file containing the products with the same field data in the system, and activate “Update existing products with new data”

Choose the field which you wish to update the selling and purchasing prices by matching the new file data with the data previously uploaded to the system, for example, you can choose “Product Code” to update the selling and purchasing prices associated with each product code according to the updated Excel file data, then click on the “Import” button.

A message will appear indicating the successful update of the data.