Transferring Items from one Warehouse to another

In case of having more than one warehouse, internal transfer operations from one warehouse to another are quite common. Therefore, in simple steps, we will learn how to transfer  products from one warehouse to another in Daftra.

How to Transfer a Product from One Warehouse to Another

Click “Manage Requisitions” in the dropdown menu under “Inventory” on the main menu. Then, click the “Add” button and choose “Manual Transfer” from the dropdown menu.

Specify the date of the transfer requisition, attach any important files or notes, and select the warehouse you want to transfer from, as well as the warehouse you want to transfer to.

For more details refer to the “Add a new warehouse” guide.

Specify the product you want to transfer from one warehouse to another, along with the price and quantity. This will show you the inventory balance before and after the transfer, as well as the total amount for the quantity you wish to transfer.

Then, click on “Confirm” button.

You will find transfer details, including the source and destination warehouses, the date, and a detailed list of the transferred items, after saving or reviewing the transfer.

How to Check the Stock of a Product in Each Warehouse

You can find out the total quantity of the product as well as the quantity in each warehouse by clicking on the desired product. After clicking on “Products and Services” under “Inventory” in the main menu, go to the “Information” tab.

There, you will see the total inventory quantity and a breakdown for each warehouse, showing the quantity available in each one.