Adding a new Service

  • Note: Before starting, ensure the selling is activated for “Products and Services” from the “Account Settings” page.
  1. Click on “Inventory” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Products & Services”.
  3. Click on the “Add” button.
  4. Select “New Service” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Fill in the service details and add the required values in the fields as follows:
    • Item Details:
      • Name: The service name as it appears in the products list and reports.
      • Service Code: A number that represents the service code and is automatically assigned sequentially starting from the number 1. It can also be modified or controlled. For more information, check the “Auto Numbering Settings” guide.
      • Description: Add a detailed description of the service.
      • Category: Choose the service category from the dropdown. For more details, see the Service Categories guide.
        • Note: If you want the service to appear in the booking app, you must add a category to the service so it appears during booking addition.
      • Unit Template: Choose the distinguishing or measurement unit for the service. For more details, check the “Unit Templates” guide.
      • Duration In Minutes: Set the duration for each service through this field.
        • Note: The “Duration in Minutes” field is linked to the visibility of the service in the booking app, so you must specify a duration in minutes for every service you want to appear in bookings. For more information, you can check the Adding a New Booking guide.
      • Available Online: Click the checkbox “Available Online” to add the service to your online store (shop front) screen.
      • Featured Item: Click the checkbox “Featured Item” to display the service in the “Featured Services” section of the shop front.
      • Pricing Details:
        • Purchase Price: Enter the service’s purchase price.
        • Selling Price: The selling price of the service. The price should be entered without the currency sign.
        • Tax1: Tax added to the service price during the creation of sales and purchase invoices.
        • Tax2: Another tax added to the service price during the creation of sales and purchase invoices.
        • Minimum Selling Price: Enter the minimum specified price for offering the service. For more details, see the guide “Setting the minimum selling price for the service“.
        • Discount: Specify a fixed discount for the service, either as a percentage or amount. For more details, check the guide “Specify a fixed discount for the service
        • Profit Margin: The value added to the service’s purchase cost to automatically calculate the selling price, specified as a percentage.
        • Price Lists: Choose a specific price list to add the service to; the service can also be added to multiple price lists with different values for each. For more details, refer to the guide “Setting the service price in multiple price lists“.
      • More Details:
        • Internal Notes: Write any necessary notes related to the product.
        • Tag: Choose product-specific tags from the dropdown menu.
        • Temporary Disable: Click the checkbox if you wish to hide the service and halt transactions with it on the account.
  6. Click the “Save” button to add the service to the account.

Note (1): It’s essential to activate the “Advanced Payment Options” feature to utilize the features (minimum selling price, discount, and profit margin). For more details, you can consult the guide “General Inventory Settings”.

Note (2): You must ensure the activation of the shop front app so you can benefit from the “Available Online” and “Featured Product” options. For more details, you can review the guide “Adding a Product/Service to the Shop Front”.

It is important to note that adding a “Category” to the service and specifying its “Duration in Minutes” is necessary if you want the service to appear within the bookings app.