Partial Confirmation on Requisitions

In the case where there is a sales invoice resulting in a inventory requisition, or a purchase invoice resulting in a inventory inbound requisition; it may be appropriate to partially approve the requisition or inbound requisition resulting from these invoices. In this article, we explain how to partially confirm inventory requisition in Daftra and how the system handles them.

How to Partially Receive Inventory

In this example, a requisition was automatically generated from a sales invoice. To partially approve this requisition, follow these steps:

Click “Manage Requisitions” in the dropdown menu under “Inventory,” and click on the requisition you want to approve partially.

Click on the “Edit” button to delete the planned quantity not to be approved from one of the products included in the requisition, or to delete one of the items that you do not want to approve completely.

In this example, we will delete the product “Roumy Cheese” from the requisition, and then click on the “Confirm” button.


A message appears indicating the editing of the requisition.

We then find a split in the requisition into a requisition specific to the products that have been partially approved with the specified quantities in the “Accepted” status, and another requisition is automatically created, including the products that have not been confirmed in the “Under Delivery” status. It is noted that the new automatic requisition is branched from the same invoice that originated the original requisition.

Note: Products that have been excluded from approval can either be deleted or only the approval of their requisition is postponed.

Here is the embedded requisition for the approved products.

And here are the products that have been removed from the original requisition, either by postponing approval or rejecting them.