Enabling the Products Tracking System in the Inventory

The Daftra software allows you to track your products on a unit level through various methods; such as serial number, lot number, or expiry date. This is achieved by specifying the type of tracking for the product during its definition within the account through Adding a New Product
Afterward, you can track the withdrawals and additions of this product on a unit level, whether sold or purchased, and refer back to the source and date of the operation via the product tracking lists within the “Inventory” app.

Enabling Products Tracking Systems in the Account

  1. From the main menu, click on “Inventory”.
  2. Select from the menu “Inventory Settings”.
  3. Click on the “General” card/tab.
  4. Activate the setting for “Track Products Using Serial, Lot or Expiry Date”.
  5. Click on the “Save” button.
  • To start recording items using different tracking systems, you can refer to the tutorial guide Adding a New Product in the section “Inventory Management”.