Importing Products through Excel

The process of adding products and services that you offer on the Daftra program can be done individually for each product or by uploading all products or services to the system in the form of an Excel file. In this article, we will review the method of preparing the Excel file and how to import products from it to Daftra in moments.

Presenting the Proper Excel File for Uploading the Products

Make sure the Excel file is prepared with all the data of the products or services you want to upload to Daftra, such as the product name, description, product code, barcode, and other data.

  • Note: If the value in the ‘Type’ field is 1, it means it is a product, and if the value is 2, it means it is a service.
  • Note: If the value in the ‘Track Stock’ field is 1, it means stock tracking is enabled, and if the value is 0, it means stock tracking is not enabled.

For more details on interpreting the Excel sheet data refer to this guide.

How to import the Items through an Excel File

Click on “Products & Services” under “Inventory” in the main menu, and then click on the “Import” button.

Choose the “Comma Separated” option and click on “Choose File” to upload the desired Excel file from your device.

  • Note: If each column has a title like “Product Name”, “Product Code”, do not enable “Import First Row”. However, if there is no title for each column, activate this feature to prevent losing any items during the upload process.

Select the Excel file with your products from your device to upload it to the system

Match the data from the Excel file containing the products with the corresponding fields in the system. For example, if the column title for the product name in the Excel file is “Name”, write this title next to the name field so the Daftra system recognizes each type of data it uploads, then click on the
“Import” button.

  • Note: Fields marked with an asterisk “*” are mandatory for products and should be included in the Excel file. You can leave the rest of the fields empty if you do not wish to upload them through the Excel file.

You will receive a message with the number of products that were successfully imported, as well as those that failed to import so you can fix the errors that caused their omission.

After successfully importing products via the Excel file, you can navigate to “Products & Services” under “Inventory” in the main menu to see the products now displayed on your system.

Pasting the Invoice Items from a Data Sheet

When selecting a product to add as an item to the invoice, you can add a new product if the one you are looking for has not been added previously by clicking on the arrow next to the item and then clicking on “Add New Product”.

You can do this with several products together instead of adding each product individually, by clicking on
“Paste from Sheet” found in the invoice items table.

Type the products you wish to add manually or by copying them from a spreadsheet through the usual copy and paste, then press the “Import” button.

Afterwards, you will find the products have been imported with their quantities and prices specified