Adding Payment Credit to a Client

How to add Payment Credit to a Client

  1. Click on “Clients” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Clients”.
  3. Click on the desired client file.
  4. Click on “Add Payment Credit” from the options at the top of the data.
  5. Enter the required details:
    • Payment Method: Choose the payment method for the client.
      • Note: You can modify payment methods via the account settings. For more details, refer to the guide Payment Options.
    • Amount: Add the payment credit e value for the client.
    • Date: Set the date for the payment process.
    • Payment Status: Choose one of the statuses for the payment transaction.
    • Collected By: Identify the user responsible for adding the balance.
    • Ref No: An identifier for payment documents (like checks).
    • Payment Details: Any additional details related to the client’s payment method.
    • Receipt Notes: Add notes to the payment transaction.
    • Attachment: The possibility to attach an image of a document related to the payment transaction.
    • Treasury: Specify the treasury or bank account to which the collection is made.
  6. Click on the “Add Payment” button.