Managing Related Forms Builder

The form builder allows you to add the custom fields you need within the client’s custom form, so you can later fill in these fields when adding a custom client form record.

Steps to manage the Form Builder

  1. Click on “Clients” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Client Settings”.
  3. Click on the card labeled “Related Forms”.
  4. Click on the actions button “…” next to the form you want to manage the design for.
  5. Click on the button “Form Builder”.
  6. A screen will appear showing the fields available for adding to the desired form design, divided into:
    1. Custom Fields:
      • From the menu on the left, you can drag the required field to add it to the form design and drop it in the section dedicated to form design in the middle of the page.
      • You can control the order of the fields after adding them by clicking on them and then dragging them up or down.
    2. Design Layout:
      • The design layout is in the middle of the page, where you can drop the custom fields you want to add to the form design.
    3. Properties:
      • From the menu on the right, you can control the appearance and layout of the field that has been added to the design layout.
  7. After completing the addition of the required fields, click on the “Save” button.