Bookings Settings

Note: Before starting, ensure that you have activated the Booking Management app in your account.

Managing the Booking Settings

  1. From the main menu, click on “Bookings”.
  2. Select from the menu “Manage Booking Settings”.
    • Booking Time Divider: Enter the interval value between each appointment (in minutes).
    • Assign service to employee: Click on the checkbox for this option to start assigning services to employees. You can refer to the Service Assignment Guide for Employees for more details.
      • Note: The system will automatically and mandatorily switch the booking system to “Book Only One Service”, which is a fundamental condition to allow assigning services to employees.
    • Book Only One Service: Click on its checkbox to turn the booking program into a system of booking one service at a time, and it prevents choosing more than one service in the same booking.
    • Booking Client Payment: This activates the features of online payment by the client after finishing the booking. Choices include:
      • Disabled: The payment feature is completely disabled, and the client can only create his booking.
      • Enabled: The payment feature is activated, and the client must pay the booking invoice mandatorily to complete the booking process fully.
      • Optional: The payment feature for the booking invoice is activated, allowing the client to skip the payment screen and complete the booking process to the end.