The Purpose of the Workflow Cycle

What is a Workflow Cycle and what is the Purpose of it?

A workflow is similar to work orders, but with more flexibility allowing you to shape it in a way that best suits your business. Additionally, the system allows you to add and manage multiple workflows at the same time.

Workflows are used in:

  • Managing projects, like contracting.
  • Managing operations where there’s a duration or steps between a client requesting a service and its execution.

Examples of workflows that you can initiate depending on your business activity:

  • Opening cases for clients, in law firms.
  • Creating maintenance orders, in various maintenance centers.
  • Booking check-ups and monitoring patient status, in clinics.

In the end, you can issue reports for each of your workflows separately. Additionally, you can load each workflow onto a different cost center if you want to estimate profits resulting from the volume of expenses paid to manage a specific project or each operation you conduct individually.