Adding a New PNR

Note: First, make sure that your account falls under the business industry of “Travel and Tourism Companies”. Then ensure that the PNR app is activated through the “Apps Manager” page located in Settings.


Through the PNR app, you can add a sales invoice and a purchase invoice for the provided service from the same screen, which simplifies the way of working with the program, along with the ability to better monitor each reservation order.

Steps to add a new PNR

  1. From the main menu, click on “Reservations”.
  2. Select from the menu “Add PNR”.
  3. Add the PNR details:
    • Method: Choose the saving method for the PNR file through:
      • Send via email: After saving the PNR file, it will automatically be sent to the client’s email.
      • Print (Offline): Using this method, the PNR printing page will be displayed immediately upon saving.
    • Client: Choose one of the clients from the dropdown list.
    • Invoice Number: A unique number or code that distinguishes the sales invoice resulting from saving the PNR. It is automatically placed in sequence, and its sequence method can be adjusted through the Sequential Numbering Settings within the account.
    • Invoice Date: The date the sales invoice is added through the PNR on the program.
    • Issue Date: The date the invoice was issued, in case the invoice’s issuance date differs from its creation date.
    • Payment Terms: The number of days until the invoice is due for payment.
    • Items Table: Define the items related to the PNR file.
      • Items: Choose the items or tickets to be invoiced from the dropdown item list.
      • Details: Enter a specific description for each item separately.
      • Sell Price: Enter the selling price for each item.
      • But Price: Enter the purchase price for each item.
      • Qty: Enter the number of required services or “tickets”.
      • Supplier: Specify the designated supplier for the selected items from the dropdown list.
      • Tax: Specify the type of tax to be added to the resulting “Sales Invoice” from the PNR.
      • Tax: Specify the type of tax to be added to the resulting “Purchase Invoice” from the PNR.
      • Profit: This column displays the net profit value after deducting the buying value from the selling value.
    • Click on “Add New Line” to add more items to the PNR.
    • More Options:
      • Discount: Specify the percentage/value of the discount for the sales invoice resulting from the PNR.
      • Advance Payment: Determine the value of the amount paid in advance by the client for the sales invoice.
        • Make sure to click the “Already Paid” button so that the advance payment affects the invoice’s total.
      • Notes/ Terms: Enter any notes you wish to add to the PNR.
      • Already Paid:
        • If this option is activated, the sales invoice will be saved as a “Fully Paid” invoice, making sure to select the payment method and the dedicated treasury.
        • If this option is not activated, the sales invoice will be saved as an “Unpaid” sales invoice.
    • Click the “Save” button.
      • You can save the PNR as a draft by clicking on “Save as Draft”.