Adding the Rental Unit

The rental unit in the Daftra system is what gets rented out, such as “Room No. 204”, “Room No. 205”, and “Room No. 206”. All of these are rental units. Whereas the type of a rental unit might be “Rooms”, “Cars”, “Real Estate”, etc.  Daftra system allows you to add an unlimited number of rental units and utilize any of them if its status is “active”.


Steps to add a Rental Unit

  • Select “Rental and Unit Management” from the main menu.
  • Choose “Units“.
  • Click the “Add Unit” button.
  • Enter the rental unit details as follows:
    • Name: Enter the rental unit name.
    • Unit Type: You should add a rental unit type so that each unit can be listed under its type.
    • Status: Choose the status of the rental unit, either “Active” so you can use it in reservation/rental orders or “Inactive” to exclude it from use.
    • Priority: When creating an (Automatic Reservation Order), the system selects the unit with the highest priority to rent out.
    • Description: Add a description for the rental unit.