Scheduling an Appointment in a Reservation File

  1. From the main menu, click on “Reservation Files”.
  2. Select from the menu “Reservation Files”.
  3. Click on the desired reservation file.
  4. Click on the “Schedule Appointment” button.
  5. Set the appointment date from the “Date” field.
  6. Set the appointment time from the “Time” field.
  7. Enter the “Duration” value to set the time period for the appointment.
  8. Select the required action from the “Actions” list.
  9. Add “Notes” related to the appointment in the attached text editor with formatting tools.
  10. You can select a set of available options such as:
    • Share with Client: Send the appointment details to the client’s page
      • Note: For the client to view the appointment, the appointment viewing permission must be set on their own page. For more details, see the guide “Client Settings”
    • Recurring: The appointment is repeated at fixed intervals until a specified date.
    • Assign to staff members: One or more employees are chosen to view and follow up on the appointment with the client.
      • Note: There must be at least one user  in the account for this option to appear. For more details, you can refer to the guide Adding a User
  11. Click on the “Save” button.