Leave Policies in Daftra

Leave policies are used to customize specific types for each kind of leave for each employee according to the way you classify the employees and their leaves. For example, you can assign different leave policies for each department of the company, for each designation, or based on the employee’s experience.

How to Add a New Leave Policy

Click on “Settings” dropdown under “Attendance” in the main menu, then click on “Leave Policies”.

Click on “New Leave Policy”.

Enter the name of the leave policy and make its status active so you can assign it to employees.

Then enter the types of leaves allowed in this leave policy based on the leave types available in the system, then press “Save”.

Click on employee selection (after clicking on “Assign To Employees”) and write the names of specific employees you want to assign the leave policy to.

Or click on rule selection and customize the leave policy for a specific branch, department, or designation.

Then press “Save”.

You can also customize a leave policy for an employee after creating it as follows:

Click on the leave policy you want to assign to an employee and click on “Assign To Employees”

Then choose the desired employee and press “Save”.