Adding a New Employment Level

Add an employee level to the company’s organizational structure, such as a junior employee, a senior employee, a team manager, a department manager, and so on. Specify its name and its position within the company’s organizational structure. Then assign employees to this employee level.


Steps to add an Employee Level

  1. From the main menu, click on “Organizational Structure“.
  2. Click on “Manage Employee Levels“.
  3. Click the “New Employee Level” button.
    • Examples of Employee levels: Manager, Sales Officer, Senior Employee, Junior Employee, Intern … etc.
  4. Enter the employee level information as follows:
    • Name: Write the required employee level name.
    • Status: Choose from the dropdown list the status of the employee level; either “Active” or “Inactive“.
    • Description: Write a description for the employee level in the dialogue box.
  5. Click the “Save” button.
  6. The system will display a message “Employee Level Added Successfully” and will present all its information as follows:
    • Details: A tab that includes details of the employee level, such as its name and description.
    • Assigned Employees: A tab that contains details of the employees assigned to this employee level.
    • Activity Log: A tab that includes all activities performed on this employee level.