What is the Difference between an Employee and a User?

Daftra software allows adding several users or employees to the account to benefit from working on more features and apps provided by the program. The difference between an employee and a user is as follows:


  • Adding an employee is for the purpose of working on the Human Resources Management app in Daftra. It provides the ability to record the employee’s personal details, attach their employment documentation, and link them to one of the company’s work shifts to monitor attendance and departure records. Additionally, there is the capability to record contracts and disburse monthly salaries. This employee does not need to access the system or interact with it themselves.


  • However, a user has all of the above with additional features that allow them to access the software, manage the account, and record various operations such as dealing with requisitions or creating invoices and sales. This is according to the set of permissions they have, which the account owner can adjust from the employee roles menu in the software.