Creating a New Contract

Create employment contracts for your employees by filling in the essential fields that make up any employment contract, with the option to [add custom fields to the contract] based on the nature of your business.


How to Create a Contract

  1. From the main menu, click “Payroll“.
  2. Click “Contracts“.
  3. Click the “New Contract” button.
  4. Enter contract information as follows:
    • Employee: Begin by typing the name of the employee for whom you want to create a contract and select them from the dropdown menu. For more details on how to add a new employee, refer to the “Add New Employee” guide.
    • Code: The code represents the employee’s code and is automatically generated sequentially starting from number 1, but it can be modified or controlled in format. For more information, please refer to the “Auto Numbering Settings” guide.
    • Designation: Choose the desired designation for the employee from the dropdown menu. For more details, refer to the “Add New Designation” guide.
    • Employment Level: Choose the desired employment level for the employee from the dropdown menu. For more details, refer to the “Add New Employment Level” guide.
    • Master Contract: Choose the required master contract from the dropdown menu.
      • Note: The master contract refers to the previous contract for the same employee. If it’s the employee’s first contract, do not select anything for this field.
    • Description: If there’s a need to add any description for the employee or the contract, you can do so in this field.
    • Start Date: Select the contract’s start date from the calendar.
    • Duration: Specify the contract duration and choose from the dropdown next to the contract duration field whether it’s in “Year(s)” or “Month(s)“.
    • End Date: Select the contract’s end date from the calendar.
      • Note: If the contract duration is specified, the system will automatically determine the contract’s end date.
    • Join Date: Select the employee’s joining date from the calendar.
    • Probation End Date: Select the end date of the employee’s probation period from the calendar.
    • Contract Sign Date: Select the date when the employee signed the contract from the calendar.
  5. Enter the Salary Information as follows:
    • Currency: Select the currency for the employee’s salary from the dropdown menu.
    • Payroll Frequency: Choose the payment frequency for the employee, selecting from “Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly“.
    • Earning: Specify the earnings components for the employee by entering the “Earnings Component“, “Formula“, and “Amount“. You can also click the “Add” button within the “Component” to start selecting the required earnings item.
    • Deductions: Specify the deductions components for the employee. Click the “Add” button within the “Component” to start selecting the required deductions item.
      • For more details on earnings and deductions for salary, refer to the [“Salary Components“] guide.
  6. Attach contract files as follows:
    • Click “select from your computer” to select the file you want to attach to the contract.
    • Drag and drop files you want to attach to the contract.
      • Note: The maximum file size that can be attached to the contract is 25 megabytes.
  7. Click “Save“.