Connecting the Attendance Machine to your Account

Connect the fingerprint attendance and departure recording devices to your account, and create a fingerprint for each employee on it to use for logging in and out. This will ensure you have a complete record of the employee’s attendance and departure times automatically on the account.


Connecting the Employee Fingerprint Attendance Machine to the System

  1. Click on “Attendance” from the main menu.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. Click on “Machines”.
  4. Click on the “New Machine” button.
  5. Select the type of machine from the dropdown menu and click save.
    • Currently, the available machine type is ZK Teco. For linking other types of machines, contact technical support.
  6. Enter the machine details:
    • Name: Enter the machine’s name.
    • Status: Choose whether the machine is active or inactive.
    • Serial Number: Enter the machine’s serial number.
    • Host Name: Enter the hosting location.
    • Port: Enter the port number.
    • Communication Key: Enter the system’s communication key with the machine.
    • Click “Save“.