Setting up the Fiscal Year Start Date of the Attendance

Vacation balances are often determined according to a time period, and it is necessary to specify the start date of the year when a new cycle of employee vacation balances begins. While the fiscal year for attendance usually aligns with the start of the calendar year for ease of following the calendar, some companies may follow a different start date. Here are the steps to control this.

How to set the Fiscal Year's Default Date for Employee Attendance

Click on “Settings” in the main menu under “Attendance”, then click on the “Basic Settings” card.

Set the start date of the fiscal year for employees and then click “Save”.

The default fiscal year start date is the 1st of January.

The settings for determining the fiscal year for employee attendance differ from the financial period used for preparing financial reports. You have the freedom to choose whether to align both dates or keep them distinct.

You can control the accounting financial period from “Accounting Settings” dropdown under “Accounting” in the main menu.

How to customize a distinct fiscal date for each Employee separately

When adding a new employee or editing the profile of an existing employee, select the start day of the fiscal year in the job information as “Custom Fiscal Date” and then specify the start date of this fiscal year for the employee.