Creating an Income

  1. Click on “Finance” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Incomes”.
  3. Click on [New Income].
  4. Fill in the receipt details as follows:
    • Amount:
      • Select the currency for the income you want to record.
      • Enter the value or amount of the income.
    • Description: Enter any notes or additional information related to the income.
    • Code Number: This is a sequential number that distinguishes the income. You can change the number and control the format of the sequence through Auto Numbering Settings” in the account.
    • Date: Select the date of adding the income to the system from the calendar.
    • Attachments: You can attach the receipt image by clicking the “select from your computer” button and selecting the image from your device, or simply drag and drop it.
    • Received By: Select the recipient of the income.
    • Category: Choose one of the categories from the list or add a new category for incomes. For more details on data entry, you can refer to the [“Expense Categories“] guide.
    • Treasury: Select the treasury or bank account where the income amount will be collected.
      • Note: The “Treasury” options will only appear if more than one treasury or bank account has been added to the program. For more details, please refer to the Treasury and Bank Accounts” guide.
    • Journal Account: You can redirect the credit party for the income by selecting the desired sub-account from the menu.
      • Note1: If no sub-account is selected, the system will redirect the receipt to the “Other Incomes” account.
      • Note2: If you want to create a multiple receipt, you can click on “Multiple” above the Journal Account” field, and a table will appear at the bottom of the page with data to be filled as follows:
        • Journal Account:
          • Click on the “Multiple” button to allow the system to add more than one account within the income.
          • After clicking on “Multiple,” an “Accounts” list will appear below, and you can choose each account in each row.
          • Click on “Default Account” and then search and select the desired account.
        • Description:
          • Enter the description for each sub-account related to the transaction.
        • Amount:
          • Enter the amount value for each sub-account chosen in each row separately.
          • The total expense value will be automatically calculated by the program based on the entries in each row.
        • Tax:
          • Select the type of tax to be added to the expense value for each item from the drop-down menu.
        • Cost Center:
          • Select the cost center you want to assign to the expense related to the journal account in the same line
    • Click on “Add Taxes” to assign more than one tax to the income if needed.
    • Select “Assign Cost Centers” to link all or part of the receipt document’s value to one of the account’s cost centers. For more info, check the guide [“Assigning Cost Centers to Incomes”].
    • Tick the “Recurring” option to set the recurrence settings of the income amount. For more details check the guide [“Recurring Incomes”].
    • Click on the “Multiple” link to add more than one journal account to the income.
  5. Click “Save” to save the income.