Journal Entries Transaction List

A journal entry is a method for recording a financial transaction in a way that illustrates the transaction’s date, its value, its involved parties, and the value of each party, accompanied by a brief description of that transaction. Its purpose is to transfer each account to the ledger based on the entry and according to the type of the account, either as a debit or a credit. This is to ensure all financial transactions are documented in sequence according to their numbers and dates

  1. Click on “Accounting” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Journal Entries”.
  3. The software will display a list of the daily entries registered in the program.
    • Use the navigation buttons (<) and (>) to switch between the pages displaying the journal entries list.
    • Click on the “Add Entry” button to start adding a new entry to the account.
    • Click the “Journal logs” button to view the latest updates in the journal entries records of the account.
    • Use the filtering tools to search for an entry in the account.