Viewing the Asset File

  1. Click on “Accounting” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Assets”.
  3. Click on the desired asset to view it.
  4. The system displays the asset file with all the required details.
    • Asset file control tools: A set of actions that can be applied to the asset:
      • Edit: Edit asset data.
      • Print: Print the asset file.
      • PDF: Download the asset file in PDF format.
      • Delete: Delete the asset from the account.
      • Add Manual Depreciation: Manually add a depreciation movement to the asset. For more details, see the guide [“Manual Depreciation of Assets”].
      • Write Off: The asset is fully depreciated and its current value is converted to zero.
      • Sell: The asset is sold, and the profit or loss entry is recorded.
      • Re-evaluate: A new current value for the asset is entered manually, and the subsequent depreciation of the asset is calculated based on it.
    • Information: Display of asset data, including the depreciation movement record during the period.
    • Transactions: Display of all entries and transactions related to the asset.
    • Depreciations: Display of calculated depreciations for the asset during the period, with the possibility of editing.
    • Activity Log: Display of all actions taken on the asset since the date of addition.