Viewing a Journal Entry

  1. Click on “Accounting” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Journal Entries”.
  3. Click on the required Journal Entry to view it.
  4. The screen displays the “Journal Entry” template with a set of different control tools and actions.
    • Edit: Modify daily entry data.
    • Print: Print the daily entry.
    • PDF: Download the entry in PDF format.
    • Clone: Allows copying of the entry with the same data for reuse with modifications as needed.
    • Reverse Journal Entry: Allows correction of any inputs made on the entry by creating a new entry with reversed account nature to nullify the effect of the previous entry without re-recording the entry items from the start.
    • Assign Cost Centers: Upload cost centers to the entry sides.
    • View Source: To view the main screen source from which the entry was created (in case of automatic entry).
    • Journal Log: Shows you all the changes and modifications made to the daily entry.