Linking a treasury account in the chart of accounts to a treasury available in the “Finance” app

As is known, treasuries and bank accounts are created from within the Finance > Treasuries & Bank Accounts screen. However, sometimes a treasury is created as a sub-account in the chart of accounts, which is incorrect. To address this mistake and avoid having to edit or delete old transactions, please follow these steps:

1- Redirect the routing of the treasury account
Accounting > Accounting Settings > Accounts Routing > Treasury > Routing Type “Specify per each”.

2- Add a new treasury from within the “Finance” screen with the same name as the account created in the chart of accounts.

3- Assign the sub-account account previously added within the chart of accounts in the “Account” field while adding the treasury.

4- After linking and saving the treasury, all the transactions previously made will be transferred to the new treasury.