Creating an Expense

  1. Click on “Finance” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Expenses”.
  3. Click on the button “New Expense”.
  4. Enter the voucher details as follows:
    • Amount:
      • Enter the value or amount of the expense voucher.
      • Select the currency of the expense voucher you want to record.
    • Description: Enter any notes or additional clarifications that describe the expense voucher.
    • Code Number: It’s a serial number that identifies the expense voucher. You can change the number and control its format through “Auto Numbering Settings” in the account.
    • Date: Choose the date of adding the expense voucher to the system from the calendar.
    • Attachments: You can attach the receipt image by clicking the “Select from your computer” button, and then select the image from your device, or by dragging and dropping.
    • Unit: From the dropdown menu, select the “Rental Unit” you want the expense to be distributed on.
      • Note: To distribute expenses on “Rental Units”, you must first ensure the activation of the “Unit and Rental Management” app. For more details, you can refer to the guide on “Adding a Rental Unit”.
    • Received By: Choose the recipient of the expense voucher.
    • Category: Select a category from the dropdown list or add a new expense category. For more details, check the guide [“Adding Expense Category“].
    • Treasury: Select the treasury or bank account from which the withdrawal will be made, from the treasuries or bank accounts added to the account. For more details on how to add a new treasury/bank account, you can refer to the guide [“Adding a Treasury/Bank Account“].
    • Journal Account: You can redirect the debtor party of the expense by selecting the desired account from the list.
      • Note: If the sub-account is not selected, the system will direct the expense to the “Other Expenses” account.
    • Click on “Add Taxes” to set a tax in the expense voucher, if applicable.
    • Select “Assign Cost Centers” to link all or part of the expense value with one of the cost centers in the account. For more details, see the guide [“Assign Cost Centers for Expenses”].
      • Select “Recurring” to set up the repetition settings for the expense voucher amount. For more details, refer to the guide [“Recurring Expense Settings”].
    • Click on “Save” after entering all the necessary information.
  5. To modify or delete the expense voucher:
    • Click on “Expenses” from the main menu.
    • Choose the desired expense voucher from the list.
    • Click on the “More Options” button represented by three vertical dots.
    • Select “Edit” or “Delete”.
  6. The ability to print or download the expense voucher is available by clicking on the “Print Expense button.