Expenses List

  1. Click on “Finance” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Expenses”.
  3. The program displays a list of the recorded expenses in the account.
    • Use the navigation buttons < and > to switch between the display pages of the expenses list.
    • You can select the entire expenses list from the top of the page and choose from:
      • All (Current Page): Select all expenses on the same page.
      • All Filtered (All Pages): Select all expenses on all pages.
    • Browse the “Actions” list to apply a set of quick actions to the selected expenses list:
      • Delete: Deletes all selected expenses from the list.
      • Change Category: Change the category for all the selected expenses in the list to a specific category.
      • Print PDF: Download a copy of the selected expense vouchers in PDF format.
    • Click on the gear icon “⚙” to access the Expense Categoriespage.
    • Click on the “Import” button to upload a ready file with expense data to the program. For more details, refer to the “Import Expenses guide.
    • Click on the icon to access the “Expense Reports” page.
    • Click on the button Add Expense to start adding a new expense.
    • You can use the search tools below to quickly access the desired expense voucher.
    • Click on the “Advanced Search” button to access more professional search and filtering tools.
    • At the top of the expenses list, you can click on “Sort By” and choose from multiple ways to sort the expenses list such as (Code, Amount, Date, Categories, Created Date).
    • If photos or attachments have been added to the expenses, the attached images will be displayed in the lists of the expenses.