Viewing an Expense

  1. Click on “Finance” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Expenses”.
  3. Click on the expense you wish to view.
  4. The screen displays all the details of the expense:
    • Expense record control tools: Some basic actions can be performed on the expense voucher, such as:
      • Edit: Modify the expense voucher, noting that you cannot modify a distributed expense.
      • Delete: Delete the expense voucher.
      • Voucher: View and print different designs of the expense voucher form. For more details, refer to the guide Expense Prints.
    • Details window: Displays the expense voucher data, including the code, amount, date, description, and the treasury from which the expense was made.
    • Voucher window: Shows the default design of the expense voucher form with the possibility of performing some actions, which are:
      • Print: Print the expense voucher.
      • PDF: Download a printed copy of the expense voucher in PDF format.
      • Send Email: Send an email attached with a copy of the expense voucher.
    • Activity Log window: Shows all the actions and operations performed on the expense since its addition to the account.
    • Recurring window (specific to recurring expenses only): Displays the recurring expense data with the possibility of disabling and enabling the repetition process. For more details, refer to the guide Recurring Expense.