How to Link a Payment Method to a Specific Treasury

Daftra provides you with more than 12 varied payment methods that suit different client segments you have and offers facilities and privileges that reflect on your entire business, not just for collecting payments. In this article, we will learn how to activate the payment methods you want to deal with, and also assign a treasury linked to this payment method.

In the default setting, when paying any invoice and selecting a payment method, you find the payment methods linked to the system’s default treasury. What if you wanted to link bank transfers to your bank account instead of this treasury? This is what we will address in this article, but first, make sure you have added different payment methods and more than one treasury to your Daftra account.

To add a new payment method, or if you want to link a payment method to a specific bank account, go to “Payment Methods” dropdown under “Settings”, where you will find a list of all available payment options, in addition to the possibility of adding other payment methods by customizing a new payment method.

By clicking on the “Manage” button to view the details of the desired payment method:

  • You can choose a treasury from the treasuries you have defined on the system to link it with the payment method.
  • You have the ability to activate or deactivate the payment method at any time.
  • If you make this payment method the default, it will appear automatically in any payment transaction.

Click on the “Manage” button below the payment method you want to change the linked treasury for to view the details:

From the activated payment options you have, choose the treasury linked to the bank transfer method, let it be your bank account. Then click on the “Save” button.

Go back to creating an invoice, confirm the client’s payment for the invoice ✅ and choose the payment method “Bank Transfer” which you linked to the treasury “Bank Account,” and you will find the treasury linked to the payment method automatically changed to the treasury linked to the payment method.