How can I monitor the inventory in the Daftra program after integrating with Salla?

  • The integration between the two platforms currently does not operate at the inventory level, and it does not allow tracking the status and situation of the inventory in Salla through the Daftra program. However, you can monitor the inventory status directly within the Daftra program after matching it with the Salla store, provided that the following requirements are met:
  1. The items must be defined in the Daftra program with the same names and codes, specifically the SKU Code, present on the Salla platform.
  2. Add quantities for these items as they appear on the Salla platform.


By applying the previous steps, the Daftra program will automatically deduct the quantities from the items listed in the sales invoices, which are issued from the order on the Salla platform. Thus, the Daftra program acts as a mirror reflecting the inventory status in the Salla store.

  • This mechanism also works for returned orders, and quantities are automatically increased according to what is in the returned invoice.
  • This mechanism requires keeping up with any updates to the items in Salla, whether it’s adding new items or increasing the quantities of current items. It’s essential to ensure that the same updates are implemented on the Daftra program.