Setting up an Auto Reminder Rule for the Invoice

Daftra software allows you to send SMS text messages or automatic emails by creating an automatic sending rule, either for appointments or invoices with specific criteria as required.

First, make sure to “activate the SMS app” and “add an SMS template” before starting to create the automatic sending rule

  1. From the main menu, click on “Templates“.
  2. Click on “Auto ReminderRules“.
  3. Click on the “Add” button and select from the dropdown menu “New Invoice Rule“.
  4. Enter the invoice rule data as follows:
    • Name: Enter the name of the invoice rule as required.
    • Payment Status: Choose from the dropdown either an invoice (Paid, Partially Paid, Unpaid, or All).
    • Invoice Status: Select from the dropdown the invoice status you want to send.
      • For more details on adding custom invoice statuses, refer to the guide “Invoice Status List“.
    • Timing Field: Select from the dropdown the automatic message send date, either:
      • Invoice Date: This is the date recorded on the invoice regardless of its creation date and time in the system.
      • Created Date: Refers to the date the invoice was created in the system, regardless of the date recorded on the invoice itself.
    • Send On: Choose from the dropdown when the message should be sent, either:
      • Instantly: An SMS will be sent on the invoice’s recorded date or the moment it’s created in the system, depending on what’s specified in the “Timing Field“.
      • Before: The message will be sent before the date recorded on the invoice or before its creation date in the system, as per the “Timing Field”.
      • After: The message will be sent after the invoice’s recorded date or after its system creation date, based on the “Timing Field”.
    • Enter the number of hours/days/months for sending before or after the specified date.
    • Channel: Choose “SMS” from the dropdown as the desired sending method.
    • Channel Template: Select the desired message template from the dropdown.
      • Notes:
        • You can click the “New Template” button next to “Channel Template” to add a new template.
        • For more details on how to add a new template, refer to the guide “Add SMS Template“.
    • Active: Click this checkbox to set this sending rule’s status to “Active“, or uncheck to deactivate.
    • Valid Until: Choose the time during which the sending rule is valid for sending a specific invoice, selecting either (Hour, Day, or Month) from the dropdown.
      • Example: If one day is selected as the rule’s validity, the system will attempt to send a specific invoice message. If sending fails, it will keep trying for only 24 hours, after which you will have to send it manually.
  5. Click the “Save” button.
  • If a new invoice is created that meets the conditions set in this sending rule, the system will send it as an SMS based on the specified timing, message template, etc.