Adding an SMS Template

  1. From the main menu, click on “Templates“.
  2. Click on “SMS Templates“.
  3. Click on “New SMS Template“.
  4. Enter the template details as follows:
    • Type: Select from the dropdown the required type (whether it’s Paid Invoice, Unpaid Invoice, Booking, etc.)
      • Choosing in the “Type” field customizes the message template so it can only be invoked from the place or condition that corresponds to the chosen type.Example: When selecting the template type “Paid Invoice“, it can be invoked from the dropdown when sending an SMS from the invoice in the “Paid” status. The template will not appear in the list when trying to send an SMS from an invoice in the “Unpaid” status.
    • Title: Write the template name as required.
    • Placeholders: A dropdown list that contains a set of elements used in the template.
      • For example: To customize the template with the client’s name, insert the placeholder element “client name” from the dropdown at the beginning of the body of the template (Hello {%client_name%}).
    • Body: Write the message you want to send in a short text message using the placeholder elements to customize it.
  5. Click on the “Save” button.