Selecting the Treasury for the Sales done through Salla and depositing amounts in it in Daftra software

  • The linking mechanism between Daftra and Salla allows for setting up the financial treasury. By redirecting the payment method in the Daftra program, the paid invoice amount is directed to the financial treasury or the bank account, depending on the payment method used.


  • To do so, please follow the steps below:
  1. Define the financial treasuries and bank accounts needed in the Daftra program by navigating to the “Finance”, then clicking on “Treasuries & Bank Accounts”, then clicking the “Add” button. You can read more details via the following link: “Adding a Treasury/Bank Account”
  2. Redirect the payment methods to the different treasuries and bank accounts. This can be done by navigating to “Settings”, then clicking on “Payment Options”, where you will be able to specify the treasury or bank account for each payment method.


After implementing the above steps, every payment for an order in Salla will have a corresponding payment proof on the sales invoice in Daftra… and based on the payment method used, it will be automatically directed to the associated cash treasury or bank account.