Creating a Multiple Expense Voucher

Note: Before starting, make sure to activate the finance app in your account.

  • Click on “Finance” from the main menu.
  • Click on “Expenses“.
  • Click on the “Add Expense” button.
  • Enter the expense data as follows:
  • Description: Enter any notes or guiding additions that represent the expense voucher.
  • Code Number: It is a serial number that distinguishes the expense voucher. You can change the number and control its format through Auto Numbering Settings in the account.
  • Date: Select the expense addition date from the calendar.
  • Attachments: You can attach the receipt image by clicking on the “Select from your computer” button and selecting the image from your device, or by drag and drop.
  • Received By: Select the recipient of the expense voucher.
  • Category: Choose one of the categories from the dropdown menu or add a new expense category. For more details, check the guide “Adding an Expense Category”.
  • Treasury: Select the treasury or bank account from which the expense will be made, from the treasuries or bank accounts added to the account. For more details on how to add a new treasury/bank account, you can refer to the guide “Adding a Treasury/Bank Account“.
  • Journal Account:
    • Click on the “Multiple” link until the system allows you to add more than one account within the expense voucher.
    • After clicking on “Multiple”, an “Accounts” list will appear below and you can choose each account in each row from it.
    • Click on the word “Default Account” then search and select the required account.
  • Description:
    • Enter the description specific to each sub-account related to the transaction.
  • Amount:
    • Enter the amount value against the sub-account field that has been chosen in each row separately.
    • The total expense value will be calculated automatically by the program based on the entries in each row.
  • Tax:
    • Select the type of tax you want to add to the expense value for each item from the dropdown list.
  • Cost Center:
    • Select the cost center you want to assign to the expense value of the sub-account in each row.