Creating a Purchase Invoice

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Purchase Invoices”.
  3. Click on the button “New Purchase Invoice”.
  4. Select the desired purchase invoice design from the dropdown menu “Purchase Invoice Layout”.
  5. Select “Supplier” from the suppliers list, or click on the “New” button to quickly add a supplier to the account. For more details on how to input supplier information, refer to the guide “Adding a Supplier“.
  6. Enter the purchase invoice details as follows:
    • Purchase Invoice Number: A serial number that distinguishes the purchase invoice. The number can be changed and the serial format can be controlled via Auto Numbering Settings in the account.
    • Date: The date the purchase invoice was created.
    • Payment Terms: To specify the duration for deferred purchase invoices, added in days.
    • You can increase the number of fields under purchase invoice details by clicking on the “+” button, where entries in these fields appear inside the purchase invoice template.
  7. Select the invoice items from the products or services registered in the account, with the option to search by name or code. Or click on the “New Product” button at the bottom of the list to quickly add a product or service to the account. For more details, you can refer to the guide “Add Product/ Service.
  8. Add the purchase price for the product and enter the desired quantity.
  9. Select the tax for each item, with the option to modify the tax name and its rate by clicking on the “Tax Settings” button.
    • Note: The program supports “Value Added Tax (VAT)” by default on the account, applied at the rate specified for the nationality or country of the account.
  10. If payment to the supplier has not been made, click on the checkbox labeled “Already Paid to The Supplier”.
  11. Select the payment method to the supplier.
  12. If received, click on the checkbox “Received”, and select the received date.
  13. Click on the “Preview” button to review the purchase invoice before saving.
    • You can click on “Edit” inside the preview page to return to the purchase invoice creation page.
  14. Click on the “Save” button.